10% Discount on Pet Dental Cleanings During the month of February

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Northwoods Pet Care Center

February is National Pet Dental Month!

Call 989-775-3900 today to set up an appointment to have your pet's dental cleaning done with 10% off. Also, ask us how you can receive an addtional $10 to $15 off your pet's dental cleaning.

The importance of good dental health care
Here’s a statistic you may find shocking: Up to
80% of dogs and 70% of cats that do not receive
proper dental care may show signs of dental
disease by the age of 3.
Dental care is often overlooked, although dental
disease can cause serious health problems in dogs
and cats—ranging from tooth loss to systemic
disease and even organ damage. That’s why it’s
important to make sure your pet gets regular
dental checkups and that you pay attention to his
or her dental care at home, too.
Dental Exam
Have you noticed bad breath, excessive drooling, or pawing at the mouth?
These signs can indicate that your pet suffers from a dental issue. It’s a good
time to come in for a dental exam to determine the overall dental health of
your pet. A dental exam can help identify early signs of dental disease.
Dental Cleaning
During a dental cleaning (sometimes called a prophylaxis), plaque and tartar
are removed from a pet’s teeth and the health of the entire mouth (tongue,
gums, lips, and teeth) is assessed. A thorough dental cleaning can be
accomplished only while the pet is under general anesthesia, to keep your
pet free of discomfort during the procedure.
At-Home Dental Care
Most people brush their teeth regularly, but many of our pets don’t have the
benefit of consistent at-home care. Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly is the
best at-home care you can provide. Other options include dental rinses or
gels, dental diets, or dental chew toys. Ask us about at-home dental strategies
to help keep your pet healthier and happier.
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