Northwoods Pet Care Center

Northwoods Pet Care Center is a full-service veterinary medical facility; located in Mt Pleasant, MI. The professional and courteous staff at Northwoods Pet Care Center seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care, and dental care for their highly-valued patients.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Northwoods Pet Care Center strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Mt Pleasant, MI and surrounding areas.

Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Northwoods Pet Care Center can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.
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  • Barney

    Barney made Northwoods his home in December of 2012. He enjoys lounging in Doc's office on the windowsill, assisting in the recovering patients from surgery, and taking long walks through the clinic (mainly to see who's food he can steal.) Fun fact about Barney, he was awarded his name, due to being found in a barn as a young kitten. Barney came to Northwoods needing a few repairs, while he needed some tender love and care, he also had a severe leg injury. Barney was cage rested here at Northwoods for an extended period of time, and due to being so comfortable in his cage, he often sits in with...or on surgery patients during recovery. He has made the clinic his home, and we here at Northwoods are all very happy he did! 

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2012
  • William M Kolesar, DVM

    Dr. Kolesar graduated from Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987.  At the beginning of his career he worked in an all equine practice.  Later, he gained additional experience with large animals working in a mixed animal practice.  Throughout Dr. Kolesar’s career, he concentrated his practice around caring for companion animals including dogs, cats, pocket pets and exotics.  In 1999, he opened Northwoods Pet Care Center with his wife Julie, a licensed Veterinary Technician.  Together, their goal was to build a high quality veterinary practice providing patients with compassionate, humane, quality medical care as well as providing clients with thorough knowledge to make the best decision for their pets’ health.  Knowledge that will assist with decisions regarding sick or injured pets and providing preventative health care to give pets a long and happy life.  When Dr. Kolesar is not at the clinic, he spends his time doing home improvements in their new home, woodworking and hunting.  He also enjoys entertaining his friends and family which include his not so furry children, Lindsay and Justin and his furry children, a yellow lab Spirit, a highly energetic black lab Kyna who you might have met at the clinic as well as his sassy cat Luna. 

    Years in Practice:
    Apr 07, 1987
    Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine class of 1987
  • Julie, Business Manager/Groomer

    In 1999, Julie along with her husband Dr. Kolesar opened the doors of Northwoods Pet Care Center.  She has earned a degree as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology at Michigan State University.  When opening the clinic, she shared the same vision as her husband to build a veterinary clinic that provides compassionate, high quality, medical care to their patients.  Julie wears many hats at the clinic.  She manages the office aspect of the clinic and assists with patients’ medical needs, but she is usually found in the grooming area of the clinic making our patients look beautiful.  Julie is one of the few groomers who is able to groom cats and she enjoys the artistic aspect of grooming all her patients.  When she is not knee deep in fur, Julie spends much of her time doing home improvements in their new home as well as being followed by her fur children; Spirit a yellow lab, Kyna a black lab and Luna a feline who believes she is a dog.  Just so her not so furry children do not feel left out, Julie is also very fond of spending time with them as well.  Finally, beware on April first.  April Fool’s Day is her favorite holiday and no one is safe!

    Years in Practice:
    Apr 07, 1999
  • Kara, Office Manager

    Kara joined the Northwoods team in August of 2008.  In December of 2011, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.  Kara is our friendly face at the front desk directing and answering questions as well as keeping the office running smoothly.  Her leadership skills and love for animals has made her a valuable part of our team.  Her and her husband are loved by 4 fantastic dogs; Jaxson, Hank, Cammy and Bella as well as their super kitty Trouper.  When Kara escapes the clinic, she enjoys camping, snowmobiling, and spending time with her family.

    Years in Practice:
    Aug 07, 2008
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Central Michigan University
  • Jess, LVT

    Jessica joined our team in May of 2016.  Jessica graduated from Baker College in June of 2016 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.  She has brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the clinic.  Jessica was a vet assistant for 4 years, before becoming a licensed technician. She enjoys many aspects of the job but enjoys critical patient care the most. She has a calming demeanor with all the patients.  At home, Jessica had her Jack (Australian Shepherd) until he passed away at age 8. While the two were best friends, and his place in her heart will never be taken, she is now loved by 2 fur children; Sam (German Shepherd Mix) and Fynn (Belgian Tervuren). Jessica also has a black Quarterhorse named Fansy, whom she enjoys taking trail rides with. 

    Years in Practice:
    May 05, 2016
    Associates of Applied Science from Baker College (Licensed Veterinary Technician)
  • Tarah, Boarding Supervisor/Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Tarah became a Northwoods team member in May of 2015.  She has graduated from Central Michigan University and plans to attend online courses at Purdue to pursue a degree as an LVT.  Tarah brings a daily dose of sass along with her witty attitude to Northwoods.  However, even though Tarah has a great sense of humor, she takes her job very seriously and works hard to be her best.  When she is not at the clinic she is loved by her yellow lab Ruby, dogs Conner and Riley, her two cats, Rowena and Jiggs, and her Crested Gecko, Petrie as well as her Bearded Dragon, Smaug. Tarah is very active and is always outdoors, hunting, fishing, disc golfing, hiking, kayaking and camping.

    Years in Practice:
    Oct 07, 2015
  • Kaylee, Groomer

    In August of 2015, Kaylee joined the Northwoods family.  She is currently studying Natural Resources at Central Michigan University and graduated from grooming school in October 2016.  Kaylee brings confidence and eagerness to learn new aspects of the clinic.  At home, she is one animal short of a farm.  Kaylee has two cats, Frankie and Stoopy, one dog Chip the Chihuahua, goats, rabbits (all 36 of them), ducks and chickens.  Outside of the clinic, she likes to take care of her animals, and in the fall go hunting and enjoy bonfires with friends.

    Years in Practice:
    Oct 07, 2015
  • Elyssa, Groomer

    In August of 2008, Elyssa joined the Northwoods team.  She graduated from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in January of 2008.  Elyssa’s warm and kind personality is shared with the clients and patients as well as her fantastic grooming skills.  Patients leave the “spa” with beautiful bandanas, stunning bows and at times, gorgeous painted toe nails.  Elyssa and her husband have 3 fur children; two Chihuahuas, Bam Bam and PollyAna, a St. Bernard, Riggs, and a rabbit, Pipkin.  Outside of the clinic, she enjoys gardening, races in town, snowmobiling as well as hunting.

    Years in Practice:
    Apr 07, 2008
    Paragon School of Pet Grooming
  • Hannah, Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Manager

    Hannah joined the Northwoods team in February in 2015.  She is attending Central Michigan University studying BioMed.  Hannah is a strong team member as well as a strong leader.  She has a quiet demeanor but is a force to reckon with.  Hannah has yet to meet a patient she can not hold for exams, even the cute squirmy puppies.  She is loved by her cats, Shrimpy and Magnolia, and her turtle, David Copperfield.  When Hannah is not working she enjoys being on the water, kayaking, swimming and camping.

    Years in Practice:
    Feb 13, 2015
  • Ethan, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Ethan joined Northwoods in September 2017. Ethan is currently attending Central Michigan University, and has committed an 8 year term to the United States Army National Guard. While he has many interests outside of work ranging from mechanics to fishing, he does enjoy working at Northwoods and is great with all patients big and small. He brings a wittiness and humor to the clinic and an always positive attitude. He is often found in the surgery room assisting with patient recovery or somewhere within the office doing repairs needed around the clinic. At home, he is kept company by his Bearded Dragon, Uktena and his Pitbull puppy Piper!

    Years in Practice:
    Sep 07, 2017
  • Bethany, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Bethany joined the Northwoods' team in March of 2017.  She is currently going to school to become a Veterinary Technician.  Bethany has a special love for all the patients here at Northwoods, and always comes in with a smile on her face, no matter how challenging the day may look, she's always ready for it.While she has only been here for a short while, she has made quite the impression. At home she is loved by a golden retriever/husky mix named King and a cat named Princess.  When she is not loving on our patients, she likes to hang out with her friends and her pets as well as go camping and go to concerts.

    Years in Practice:
    May 01, 2017
  • Zara, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant


    Zara began working at Northwoods in December of 2017. She enjoys showing her AQHA/APHA quarter horse, Aspen, cuddling her Belgian Malinois Jessi, and attends Central Michigan University for a degree in Biomedical Sciences while she isn't at home with her fur kiddos or at work. Zara also intends to apply to Vet school after she receives a bachelors degree! In her spare time she enjoys hiking, skiing, and camping! Fun fact, her Belgian Malinois is a retired marine! 

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 09, 2018
  • Kayla, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Kayla joined the Northwoods team in October of 2017. She is a senior at Central Michigan University, and is applying to vet schools for the 2018 fall semester. She grew up working with farm animals, and companion pets and her love for them helped her in her career choice later in life. While she no longer lives with any farm animals, she did just recently adopt a fur kid of her own! Dot is a spunky, little kitten that lives in Kayla's apartment with her. Kayla brings a soothing disposition to work, she is always ready to go and has a smile on her face. While soft spoken, she is great at the job and enjoys doing all that it entails. She is great with patients and enjoys working with them one on one! 
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 09, 2018
  • Christy, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Christie joined Northwoods January of 2018. She attends Central Michigan University currently, and plans to apply to vet school after graduating in 2020. She currently has a dachshund named Athena at home, and a pointer mix named Buster. In her spare time she enjoys camping, playing soccer, and kayaking. While she is fairly new to the Northwoods family, we are excited to see where her journey takes her here with us! She has an always positive attitude, and brings fresh new insight to the clinic. 
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 09, 2018
  • Becky, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Becky joined our team in January of 2018.  She currently attends Central Michigan University with a major in Bio-Medical. After graduation she plans to apply to vet school to become a veterinarian. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her furry kids, a cat named Angel, and her 2 dogs. She always has a smile on her face and brings some experience having worked as a veterinary assistant for 3 years prior to joining Northwoods. 
    Years in Practice:
    Feb 19, 2018